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Silly Little

Directed by Vanessa M. H. Powers

"You can’t change the past, but you can drink about it."

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When their high school drama director passes away, Tori, Nathan, Kate, Sienna, Brandon, and April, now in their 30s, return to their hometown for his funeral. They reconnect and see in each other how they’ve changed, and how they haven’t. Making their way through the weekend, they try their best not to let the ennui of adulthood and existential dread brought on by the march of time ruin their reunion.

Meet our talented cast!

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About the Film

‘Silly Little Wounds’ is a heartfelt, intimate, and authentic exploration of the way relationships change as we enter middle age, a slow burning slice-of-life piece. The script features intricate and well-developed characters, naturalistic dialogue, and subtly profound themes of life and the different paths we take. 


This ensemble film follows six characters struggling with unresolved trauma, the pressures of adulthood, and their identities.   This story, rather than embracing drama, seeks to find humor and empathy in the experiences of the characters. The film will be colorful, lyrical, and even at times whimsical - using a variety of camera techniques and leaning on rehearsals to ensure compelling and understated performances. For maximum nostalgia, music will be used liberally. 


The film posits that it’s never too late to heal your ‘silly little wounds,’ and try to make your life a little better and the world a little better in the process. 

Want to help out the production of this Minnesota film and keep the creative arts alive in the MidWest?  Consider donating to the film!

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